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Many thanks to all those who dropped by to see us at A+A

Thursday 14 November 2019, Vestone

A+A, the Düsseldorf trade fair dedicated to health and safety in the workplace has just finished, and Ivars Building Division was pleased to have participated.

During the exhibition, we presented not only our range of Ivars helmets, which have a long-standing reputation for quality and excellent value, but we also presented our extensive range of products for safety and signage.

Davide Ghidini, head of Ivars Building Division, declared: “I’m very satisfied with the interest shown in all our safety and signage products. It was a pleasure to see our clients there and meet new people from the sector. And the Adamello helmet? Well, definitely everybody recognises it!”

The next event on the Building Division’s calendar is The Big 5, being held in Dubai from 25th to 28th November…see you there!

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