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Adamello and Brenta helmets have renewed the CE UNI EN 397 certifications

Monday 02 August 2021, Vestone

The Adamello and Brenta helmets are personal protective equipment (PPE) that protect the top of the head. They represent two of Ivars Building Division’s flagship products. This year they have once again passed the stringent tests conducted to ensure compliance with the CE UNI EN 397 standard with flying colours.

By law, personal protective equipment has to undergo strict testing to ascertain both impact resistance under certain conditions (a 10 kg weight dropped from a height of 1 metre, at temperatures of -10°), and traceability of the material with which they have been manufactured.

In addition to boasting a distinctive design and providing outstanding functionality, the Adamello helmet (EEA), is dielectric: this means it can be used by electricians in environments with high voltage and electrical current up to 440 V. It is also available in a version with a size adjustment wheel (EEAR), which makes it very easy to wear and comfortable, while the sweat band and chin strap with chin-rest are optional. Our catalogue offers a selection of 6 colours: yellow, blue, white, green, red, orange.

In keeping with market requests, we have recently added the Brenta helmet (EEB) to our catalogue. The helmet features a vent system that guarantees good air circulation, making it ideal for very hot countries. Like the Adamello helmet, Brenta model is also available in a version with a size adjustment wheel (EEBR) to ensure a comfortable fit. It comes in range of 6 different colours: yellow, blue, white, green, red, orange.

Thus, Ivars ensures a product that always complies with current safety regulations, in full consistency with our philosophy that places Man at the centre.

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